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Universities – مركز الفجر للتدريب والاستشارات التعليميةAl Fajr Center for Training and Educational Consultancy تكلم معنا على الواتس أب!


University of Khartoum

The University of Khartoum was distinguished in terms of its origin in a glorious history that is rooted in the depths of this century. It was born with his birth and still fluctuates among his years. The first years, but the basic brick of the current University of Khartoum is Gordon Memorial College, the College was established on the eighth of November two hundred and nine hundred thousand and in the year four hundred and nine hundred and one thousand established the School of Medicine, but in the year twenty-six and nine hundred and one thousand was established a school of law and then added to it Schools of agriculture and veterinary medicine in the year of thirty eight, nine hundred and one thousand. The University of Khartoum is the oldest university in Sudan and is considered one of the oldest universities in Africa and the Middle East. The university is located in Khartoum. It was established by the Lord Gordon Memorial College during the period of British colonization in Sudan to commemorate Lord Gordon. January 1, 1956

Omdurman Islamic University

Omdurman Islamic University is a Sudanese governmental Islamic university established in 1332 AH (1912 AD) under the name of “Omdurman Scientific Institute”, a university based on the Islamic Waqf system. It is located in the city of Omdurman and consists of two sections: the students’ section in the Al-Futaihab area and the female students section in the Thawra area. The college has 10 classrooms with about 150 students. 3 halls are located in the center of female students in Al Thawra and 6 halls in the university city in Abu Saad and a hall in the center of the college in Omdurman educational and the college also contributed to the maternity hospital hall in Omdurman and seeks to build two large halls in the university city and a hall and laboratories at the center of female students.

Al-Jazira University

Al-Jazira University is a Sudanese governmental university from the most prestigious universities in Sudan and the Arab world. It is well known locally for many professors who have some unparalleled competence. It is a member of the World Union of Universities, the Union of Arab Universities, the Union of African Universities, Islamic University and the Union of Arab Scientific Research Councils The most prominent colleges in the world have been the Faculty of Medicine, which has developed over the past decades. To nine in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines and specialized research centers were established and the branches of the community colleges in all localities of the state.
The University of Al-Jazira is currently located in thirteen complexes, three of which are in Wad Madani and 10 are outside the city.

Al-Neelain University

The University of El Neelain in Sudan, formerly known as Cairo University Khartoum Branch, was founded in 1956, was transferred to the “University of Al-Neelain” in 1993,Its an ancient university, which consisted of the Faculty of Law, Arts, Commerce and Science, was added in the nineties Colleges: Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Optics, Mathematical Sciences, Laboratories, Science, Technology, Medical Laboratories. It is the largest university in Sudan in terms of number of students, followed by many colleges. The University of Al-Neelain is one of the oldest universities in Sudan and the Arab and most of the faculties of the University of Al-Neelain are located in Al-Gomhouria Street in Muqrin Al-Neelain and near the beautiful island of Toti.

We also have a large variety of partnerships with the most prestigious universities from different countries in the world, including:

  1. Malaysia Universities
  2. Japan Universities
  3. India Universities
  4. Canada Universities
  5. UK Universities
  6. Ukraine Universities
  7. Russia Universities
  8. USA Universities
  9. South Korea Universities
  10. Saudi Arabia Universities
  11. Jordan Universities.
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